Adventure Inn

Fostering collaboration with local community partners to address housing insecurity.

The Community Investment Alliance is excited to announce that it is currently in the process of acquiring the Adventure Inn Motel located in Durango, Colorado. Since the 1940s, The Adventure Inn has been a community-based motel, providing a comfortable and welcoming place for travelers and locals alike. The Alliance is committed to preserving the legacy of The Adventure Inn and continuing its tradition of offering safe, quality lodging to the community. Our goal is to maintain this beloved establishment as a local motel, ensuring that it remains accessible for local bookings and continues to be a vital part of the Durango community. We look forward to serving our community’s lodging needs for many years to come.
Furthermore, The Community Investment Alliance is dedicated to fostering collaboration with local community partners to address the pressing issue of housing insecurity. We are committed to working closely with these partners to ensure that they have access to a pool of safe and quality temporary rooms at The Adventure Inn Motel. This collaboration aims to provide a lifeline for families and seniors in our community who are facing housing insecurity. Together with our community partners, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and caring environment for all those who call Durango home.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are resources offered to families, children, or seniors who stay under a motel reservation at the Adventure Inn?
The Alliance will be providing lodging through its ownership of the motel. Community providers and service entities who use the motel for lodging will provide varying services and supports to ensure smooth transitions for families and seniors into stable housing.
How will the program impact our neighborhood and daily lives?
The Adventure Inn has been a motel since the 1940’s. The use of the property is not changing, and will continue to offer lodging year round. The motel currently has 24 hour staff, and The Alliance is committed to this ongoing.
What is the timeline for implementing and running this program?
We plan to begin running the motel and lodging option in January 2024. We will keep the community updated on its progress.
Are there any upcoming community meetings or events related to this program?
We will have ongoing monthly community meetings. Please watch out for announcements and invitations, and we encourage you to attend to learn more and share your thoughts.
What are the policies on weapons, and illegal drugs on site?
Weapons Prohibited Items: The motel has policies prohibiting firearms and other weapons on the premises. Drugs Zero Tolerance: The Alliance has a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal drugs on their property. This includes recreational drugs and substances that are illegal in the motel’s jurisdiction. Smoking Policies: The Alliance has a non-smoking policies that apply to both tobacco and marijuana smoking in rooms. Designated smoking areas are provided for tobacco use. Suspicion and Reporting: Motel staff will report any suspicious or illegal activity to the authorities if they have reason to believe that illegal drugs are being used or distributed on the premises.
What are the policies on violence?
Zero Tolerance for Violence: There is a strict zero-tolerance policy for any form of violence, including physical, verbal, or emotional violence. This applies to interactions between guests, staff, and visitors. The motel works closely with local law enforcement authorities in cases of violence or criminal activity that occur on their property.
If we have questions or concerns who can we contact:
The Alliance will have a designated phone line that will be made available to the community at large. While The Alliance is moving through the procurement process, please feel free to email Dr. Kathleen Van Voorhis at