Fellowship Program

The Community Impact Fellowship provides industry-specific training to support a robust pipeline of diverse leaders.

In 2021, the Community Investment Alliance (The Alliance) was founded in Colorado with a resolute commitment to addressing the unique needs of historically underrepresented communities, placing a strong emphasis on LGBTQ+, women, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities. Our mission is to build capacity and advocacy for community-led organizations and coalitions, fostering enduring equitable social and systemic change.

Our approach is deeply rooted in acknowledging the collective wisdom, feedback, and voices of communities, considering their shared history, unique environments, and ongoing challenges. The Alliance’s overarching goal is to spearhead a statewide movement that dismantles social and economic injustices, addressing critical issues such as affordable housing, access to behavioral health care, and promoting equitable access to healthy food.

As we navigate these extraordinary times, marked by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the Alliance recognizes the urgency of innovative solutions in Colorado. While historic funding has been allocated to address certain issues, we are aware that not all communities across the state have equal access to these critical resources.

Introducing the Community Impact Fellowship

The Alliance believes that we must leverage this moment to sow the seeds of change, combining grassroots leadership and community organizing with access to technical expertise in housing, advocacy, policy, and social service fields.

To bridge the immediate and long-term gaps in culturally appropriate services related to grassroots leadership and community organizing, the Alliance is proud to introduce the Community Impact Fellowship. 

This unique offering is designed to provide industry-specific training, creating a robust pipeline of diverse leaders. These leaders will be well-equipped to connect communities to technical experts, advocacy organizations, housing development professionals, and social service providers actively working on housing solutions.

Interested in learning more?

Get in touch with us to discuss the Community Impact Fellowship opportunity, and learn how to apply.