Who We Are

We are a 5013c3 organization based out of Aurora, Colorado.

The Community Investment Alliance partners with communities to develop stable housing, robust behavioral health services, wealth-building opportunities, access to healthy food, and integration with the natural environment.

Kathleen Van Voorhis | Chief Executive Officer | Community Investment Alliance

Dr. Kathleen Van Voorhis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. She has held a variety of leadership roles in emergency sheltering, service design, delivery coordination, and coalition building. A born-and-raised Coloradan, Kathleen is passionate about working throughout the state to bring about sustainable change. 

Jenn Lopez | Co-Founder | Community Investment Alliance

Jenn Lopez

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Jenn is a fundraising guru with more than two decades of experience in in affordable housing and homelessness solutions. She held a senior position in the Hickenlooper administration in Colorado and led regional housing efforts in Southwestern Colorado for several years. Jenn loves working with local community leaders and excels at both strategy development and implementation work.

Board of Directors

Peter LiFari | Community Investment Alliance

Peter LiFari

Executive Director at Maiker Housing Partners

Biography coming soon!

Rebecca Miller Updike | Community Investment Alliance

Rebecca Miller Updike

Principal at Michael Best Strategies LLC

Biography coming soon!

Rev. Benjamin A. David Hensley

Lead Pastor at Lakewood United Methodist Church

A Deacon in The United Methodist Church, Rev. Hensley is passionate about the role the church can potentially fill to join with others in making our world a better place—helping love become an active verb in our communities that leads to transformation. He is passionate about ending homelessness and believes that it actually can be eradicated. The reason it hasn’t boils down to a lack of trying! Ben is thrilled to be on a team that seeks to do just that: try creating outcomes that create fundamental change in our communities and end the humanitarian crisis of homelessness that is ubiquitous to every metropolitan area of our nation. Ben is a choir director, activist, musician, composer, amateur chef, preacher, Muay Thai student, home brewer, slave to his cat, Leo and life partner to his brilliant wife, Rev. Becky M. David Hensley and resides in Lakewood, CO.

Sam Gilman

Co-Founder at Colorado Eviction Defense Project

Sam is Co-Founder and COO at the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project (CEDP), where he runs the Colorado Stability Fund and coordinates a continuum of care model that provides emergency rental assistance and legal aid to those facing imminent risk of eviction. Sam works at the intersection of law, systems, and data and has written about eviction risk, housing security, and digital discrimination. Prior to CEDP, Sam worked at an education technology company that helps working adults go back to school, as a management consultant, and as a co-founder of a political advocacy organization. 
Jaimin Williams | Community Investment Alliance Board of Directors

Jaimin Williams Harris

Entrepreneur & Housing Advocate

Biography coming soon!

Cec Ortiz | Community Investment Alliance

Cec Ortiz

Community Activist & Project Management Consultant

Biography coming soon!

Jennifer Hope Wilson

Senior Program Associate at the Center for Housing and Homelessness Research, University of Denver

Jennifer is a Senior Program Associate with the University of Denver’s Center for Housing and Homelessness Research. As a social worker and social scientist, she has largely worked with unhoused adults, youth, and families in school and community-based settings. Her research interests center around the role of social innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing social inequity and homelessness. Jennifer holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as an MBA and PhD in Social Work from the University of Denver.